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The Day Dream Club need you!

The Day Dream Club are some lovely people making lovely music. All of their other releases have been self managed efforts including production, distribution and promotion. Their new EP is great and needs to be heard by as many people as possible. This requires a team, which requires money. Which is where fans like me (and hopefully you) come in. The band funding page in association with music blog Right Chord Music (RCM) so we can ben part of their new EP ‘Found’.

This is an exciting project and offers great possibilities for The Day Dream Club. Using the money to promote the EP, something the band cannot afford themselves, will enable them to take a big step forward in their careers. To help CLICK HERE

Heres a short video with Adam & Paula explaining the project

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When do you just switch off?

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During the last few years quite a bit has changed for me; becoming a father of two, a grown up job (if you can say that a job that consisists of talking about music and playing bass can ever be considered grown up) and a busy gigging schedual keep me on my toes. During this time I have also been studying towards my Level 5 teaching qualification and trying to make sense of how musicians can adopt new strategies to provide a sustainable income. All lots of fun, but it has also increased the amount of tech that I carry around with me. At one time an iPod and simple mobile phone was all I needed to keep me sane on the road. These days I carry a large amout of gadgets with me to gigs, sessions, teaching or just going to the park with the kids. My gobag looks its owned by a PC World salesman.

It could be me embracing my inner (or not so inner) geek, working more of the time or just being more organised about my workflow. What ever it is the need to be connected and to capture information for later use is compels me to carry all this stuff.

Right now I’m packing my gig bags for the week ahead. This week sees me doing my usual round of gigs, rehearsals, lectures and a recording session for a wonderful singer songwriter.

So this week my iPad and iPhone will rarely leave my side; be it checking emails, producing keynote presentations, listening to rough cuts or just for chilling with a film or twitter. Along for the ride will be an HD Kodak Flip style camera, my ace Cannon SX210, Zoom H2, iRig, Bluetooth keyboard and my recently purchased AKG 450 headphones.

What worries me is that when do I just switch off and be quiet? The constant barrage of emails, tweets, Facebook and other Web 2.0 fun along with the ability to consume any media 24/7 has resulted in me rarely switching off and ‘just being’.

And ‘just being’ is a very important thing indeed.

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