New Sam Beeton Album ‘In The Yard’

Gifted Nottingham fellow Sam Beeton has just released his sophomore album ‘In The Yard’. Its a great set of tunes and some excellent, vintage tinged production. Highly recommended 😉

The album is available digitally from iTunes, and on vinyl and CD from Amazon, Fopp and HMV stores.

Here’s a gig I sat in on with Sam a couple of years ago which also features the stellar drumming and heavy grooves of Chris Taggart and ivory tickling of the super talented Chris Bucknall.

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Chapman Guitars ML-B1

I have been avidly watching ‘Monkey Lord’ Rob Chapman‘s YouTube output for quite some time now. His charismatic attitude towards life and music comes clearly through on his videos. This guy loves to play!

A few years ago Rob set up Chapman guitars in collaboration with Barnes & Mullins and Lee Andertons music shop in Guildford. Using Robs strong fan base to develop the worlds first fan collaborative developed guitar range users were encouraged to vote on aspects of such as body wood, pick up configuration and finish.

Early last year Chapman guitars in collaboration with Dave Hollingworth threw down the gauntlet to develop a bass guitar. First prototype has just been delivered to Dave and it looks amazing. Now I have some serious gas to get my hands on one! I think with a few modifications it will seriously versatile. Some Aguilar DCB pickups and OBP3 (I have a similar set up in my old Sadowsky) along with a Hipshot D-tuner will make it the perfect axe for teaching and my varied gigging schedule. I’m super excited to try one asap and can’t wait for the final production model.

Here’s a video of Dave putting the bass through its paces and demonstrating his demon chops:

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Lazy blogger, or just plain lazy?

One of the things that makes me feel connected to the rest of the world is my RSS reader full of lovely blogs. Industry blogs as well as the musings of friends and inspirational musicians (most of which are the same people) distract me from the post sound check pre-gig band rituals.
Over the years I have enjoyed blogging and discussing the things that interest me. One of the benefits of teaching full-time is that I get to talk about and disseminate the things that interest me everyday.

So this post is a personal slapped wrist; I have not been blogging enough. The last two years have been very busy. Last year I did 154 gigs, the year before 172. I teach full time and I’m a dad. Last autumn I enrolled on the final year of a Ba (hons) in Music and creative Music Technology. This set me in to hyperdrive time wise. Now its the end of March and I can’t believe where the time has gone. And I’ve used all of this as an excuse not to blog. Any port in a storm I guess.

Excuses aside, hopefully I will start blogging a little more often, if only to feel like I am giving in to something I take so much from (thanks blogophere).

Anyway, in the spirit of sharing here’s a wonderful album by Steve Lawson

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Sam Beeton Glee Club Gig

Wow, that sums up the Sam Beeton gig I sat in on at Glee Club Nottingham. Sam is an awesome songwriter and performer. The band were heavy weights too with Chris Taggart (Stevie Wonder, Robin Trower) on drums and Chris Bucknall (Climax Blues Band, Stewart Copeland) on keys. These guys are on another planet musically and I was/am genuinely humbled to be invited to play on the gig. Here’s a video of one of my favourite Sam Beeton tracks.

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Back to planet (damp) earth

We got married! Finally, after 10 years, one mortgage and two kids we did it. We spent most of August holidaying/Honeymoon in the south of France. After all that sun the damp climate of this years Galtres Festival in Yorkshire was a shock. Another fun festival, the last of the season with Miss 600. What a cool festival, hopefully we will be back there next year as well.

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Epic weekend of gigage

What an epic few days of gigs. Highlights included The Cornbury Festival with Miss 600 and a really fun wedding with pro-function ska/soul/rock band LICK. I even managed to take Sunday off with the family and hang out in the sun in the garden. Brilliant:)

I love this photo of LICK in full tilt!


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The Day Dream Club need you!

The Day Dream Club are some lovely people making lovely music. All of their other releases have been self managed efforts including production, distribution and promotion. Their new EP is great and needs to be heard by as many people as possible. This requires a team, which requires money. Which is where fans like me (and hopefully you) come in. The band funding page in association with music blog Right Chord Music (RCM) so we can ben part of their new EP ‘Found’.

This is an exciting project and offers great possibilities for The Day Dream Club. Using the money to promote the EP, something the band cannot afford themselves, will enable them to take a big step forward in their careers. To help CLICK HERE

Heres a short video with Adam & Paula explaining the project

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