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Free City wide Wifi – Update

Well last week I posted this blog, basically it was the email I sent to Nottingham City Council regarding installing free city wide wifi. The blog has been re-tweeted and read a few times, I’ve had some good comments and conversations with peers regarding it as a concept. No contact from Nottingham City Council though.

I appreciate they are busy people, but it would be good to hear there view on it. I expect they are al tide up with the worrying Comprehensive Spending Review by the Government and how its going to impact the services they already offer, let alone thinking of taking on new ones.

I still think its a good idea and would help the local economy and education. It would be a positive move for Nottingham to become one of the first digital cities in the UK. Swindon is already on the case with their wireless internet for all (although it does sound like something fishy has gone on there).

Nottingham City Council we need this.

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Free city wide WiFi please – an open letter


Hello Nottingham City Council,

First let me say how proud I am to live in Nottingham and that it has been voted as the least car dependent city in England. It is a lovely city to live in and there are many great things going on that enhance the quality of my family’s life. Thank you.

However a few improvements could be made. One of these would be free city wide WiFi, nothing amazing, just making sure that all city residents, businesses and visitors have access to the internet. As you already know it is proven that countries that have better education and access to sources of knowledge perform better than societies with out. Free WiFi would enable all homes with a computer to have access to knowledge. Children would be able to research the internet for their school work. Adults would be able to source information on services, competitive prices and have access to online banking for example.

Business in the city would flourish. The wireless net work enabling all business to build cheap/free websites, use social media and in the case of cafes provide work space for the continuing boom in independent working.

This would attract further investment in to the city for larger businesses looking to move out of the over crowded and expensive capitol and in to lower over head business spaces. This would provided further jobs and income generation in to the city.

It wouldn’t be expensive and a charge for higher speed services could be made. This free WiFi would enable Nottingham to be one of the first true digital cities in England and further enhance the already great quality of life.

Thank you
I’ve sent the above as an email to Nottingham City Council


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