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New Sam Beeton Album ‘In The Yard’

Gifted Nottingham fellow Sam Beeton has just released his sophomore album ‘In The Yard’. Its a great set of tunes and some excellent, vintage tinged production. Highly recommended 😉

The album is available digitally from iTunes, and on vinyl and CD from Amazon, Fopp and HMV stores.

Here’s a gig I sat in on with Sam a couple of years ago which also features the stellar drumming and heavy grooves of Chris Taggart and ivory tickling of the super talented Chris Bucknall.

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Mark Bass Alain Caron 121 lite

A few months ago I switched to using a Mark Bass Alain Caron 121 lite combo. This amp replaced my usual gigging rig of a 500W head coupled to two 1 x 12 cabs. I still have bigger amps, however this tiny combo is now my main go to gigging and teaching bass rig. Gigging with smaller gear has been a bit of a revelation to say the least. This diminutive combo weighs 39 lbs which is 40% of the weight of my old setup! It’s light weight and huge sound coupled to its versatility has enabled me to walk into gigs with the amp in one hand and two bases over my shoulder (in a double gig bag) and a kit bag in my other hand. This has facilitated me booking more than one gig in an evening, which previously was a rare activity and now has become more frequent (and as such more lucrative). It’s a hassle free setup with a great sound. So far I’ve done about 60 gigs over the last few months, I’ll post a more in-depth review shortly. In the meantime here is a great video from Alain Caron himself to explain the design intention of the amp as well as some of its more cutting edge features.


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