New Foul Body Autopsy EP

FBA Album cover

At the tail end of last year the one man technical death metal machine Foul Body Autopsy (or Tom as I know him) invited me into the studio to track some bass for his forth coming release on UKEM Records. This is the first time FBA have used a real rhythm section to support Tom’s already strong guitar playing.

So with some trepidation and charts in hand I headed down to SOAN studios in Nottingham . The drums and guitars were already tracked when I added by bass parts. Its a challenge in extreme technical/death metal to produce a solid bass part that supports and highlights the guitars. The original track was a shade over 10 minutes long and is a technical tour de force as well as an endurance test to play consistently.

From a geeky bass point of view (and this is very geeky) I tracked my bass on a down tuned Sadowsky vintage P bass wearing stainless roundwounds in passive mode through an Aguilar DB680 valve pre. This was then sent through an API channel and reamped via a Sansamp bass driver for some added grit. Very Geeky.

After the tracking I headed off to a Miss 600 gig in Derbyshire, this required a very different headspace to say the least.

Any way the Foul Body Autopsy EP came the other week and is available for immediate download in practically any format from Bandcamp and CD’s/T-shirts from UKEM records website.

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