On the 20th gig of Christmas my true love said to me

This December has been very busy to say the least. I have been gigging with original bands, corporate covers bands, a salsa band as well as depping for a variety of acts. Busy would be an understatement! And now it all has stopped. January is looking very quiet for live gigs indeed (as it always does), but I am lucky though as I have been able to schedule in a number of studio dates to fill out my timetable. It’s good to keep busy and be able to fit gigs and recording sessions around the day job in education.

It looks like this year will be very busy as well, with further gigs and recording sessions for Miss 600, Foul Body Autopsy, We Are Avengers, Emily & the Martens, lick as well as a number of pick up band gigs that I have been booked for. All this and I get married in August! It’s certainly going to be a fun, if a little hectic year. Bring it on!

Mean while here’s the excellent ‘She Makes War’ new video

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