Doing what you want and being happy

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Juggling a busy teaching load, multiple music projects and a growing family has left little time for anything else.

The past 12 months have been a challenge; recuperating from severe bout of tendonitis and completing my teacher training has left me with the question of what do I ‘want’ to do with my time.

I’m sure this is a question most people face from time to time, certainly for me this is not the first time I’ve reached a metaphorical cross roads. My thoughts have been mainly focussed on the creative endevours that occupy my life. The outcome of this process that I have left several bands and projects that have been a creative drain on my resources. Although these projects make money, the impact of a full time teaching postion means that I don’t have to take every gig that comes my way. The only projects I’m working on right now are those that I want to do and are not guided by the economic realities of being a full time working musician. The up side to this is that I am now busier and happier. Also more importantly I am fiancial no worse off for only working on projects that interest me.

So what have I learned; fill your life with nice people, only work on projects that your care about and make sure that your haing fun. Theres not much point otherwise.

Just been listening to this track by Aaron Gibson called ‘Thousand hellos’ So so I thought it would be good to share:

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