Invenzioni by Steve Lawson and Mike Outram


Sipping a cup of tea sat in the clutter and chaos of the staff room I’m listening to the stunning music that that Steve Lawson (@solobasssteve) and Mike Outram (@MikeOutram) recorded in this very building just over two years ago.

During the half term of February 2010 we set our degree students a number of real world projects that would reflect the diverse skills required by audio engineers to build a sustainable career. Invenzioni was one of these projects and potentially the most exciting; two of the countries leading musicians recording two hours of original improvised music. The music that appears on Invenzioni had not been rehearsed or pre written and ranges from deep grooves through to sonic landscapes featuring heavy looped sections.

In the end Steve and Mike ended up with 3 albums worth of original material. These works have been sorted to provide the 5 tracks on the album, with two further albums to follow.

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