How to drop the ball with style

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Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. For a fairly disorganised person I have developed a number of strategies for making sure I’m in the right place at the right time. Using calendars synced with my iPhone, iPad and Mac with cloud based reminders being sent to these devices and my work email system help me stay on target. A cloud based todo list and projects managed with Evernote also help keep me focused.

Multiple music projects, bands, dep gigs coupled with a hectic teaching schedule add to the mix. Some how I get most stuff done. However recently I nearly dropped the ball. I had managed to double book myself in two different cities on a Saturday evening. I was due to be at my sister and brother in laws joint 30th birthday celebrations in Derby and and a gig with Emily and the Martens at one of my favourite venues and former music hall the Malt Cross in Nottingham. User error on my part, a misunderstanding of when the gig was. As part of the Oxjam line up I had quite wrongly assumed that we would be playing late afternoon. This would leave plenty of time to stash my gear and head over to Derby. No idea why, but in my head it made sense. However in IRL the band were head lining the event, at the same time the party would be in full throw. Bugger.

Some careful time management helped, I can only imagine what I must of looked like to the rest of Nottingham as I ran down the road, gig bag over my shoulder and speaker cab on a luggage trolly behind me. Arriving at the venue with 5 minutes to spare I negotiated the audience, threw my gear on stage, tuned and plugged in. Forty minutes later I was breaking down my gear and about to sink a well deserved pint.

I did say nearly drop the ball……….

Btw love the pic above that I took when in Bristol a few months ago

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