Warmoth bass build update


So finding parts used has been harder than expected. Last week I scored a set of gold ultralite tuners made by Hipshot. The quality of finish and machining is great and being gold will certainly off set the black overdie finish on the body of the bass.

It was a tough call wether to build the bass up out of unwanted bass parts. Using budget parts I could have brought the whole project in at under £200, but felt that if I was to want to use the bass that it would fall a long way form the quality I would normally want. Although the body shape is not to my taste I really want to build something that sounds good as well as looks the part.

As for gold hardware; it’s not what I would normally go for, but should look pimp when it’s done.

This morning I picked up a set of EMG passive pickups that have only been used a few times. I’m hopping that they give the classic EMG killer rock tone without the need for active electronics. All my other basses are active with a passive option (on a push pull switch) and my Sadowsky P bass spends it’s whole life in passive. If I change my mind I do have an on board preamp sat in a draw I could drop in.

As for the rest of the parts, I have resigned myself to the fact they will have to be new. No one has responded to my wanted ads for a gold Badass II or Gotoh 201. Also I want to use CTS pots and an Orange drop cap and these along with some speed knobs will have to sourced new. If I can bring in the whole project for £300 I’ll be happy (especially when the original owner paid £ 1788 for the original build to almost the same spec).

Next up is ordering the remaining parts and the build. Hopefully I’ll be building it a Nottingham Hackspace (@nottinhack on twitter) which is an amazing co-working space full of very clever lovely people.

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