Noise Republic – Now is our Time

Recently I was given a copy of the debut album by Noise Republic. I was really pleased the guys had decided to release it. The surprise  for me was that I had a performance credit!

Many years ago I played with a couple of the Noise Republic guys in a long term project. The result of using some down time at a local studio one night was a complete take of bass guitar and drums for a track that was at the time untitled. I forgot about the session and have never really thought about it again. That was up until guitar guru and Noise Republic 6 string slinger Ian Marshall popped a copy on my desk (we teach music at the same college btw).

The band have overdubbed lush layers of guitar and vocals on to the untitled rhythm section tracks and created  the final song ‘Oprah’. Listening to finished album brought back so many good memories of playing with the guys. Here’s the album, its well worth a listen.

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