Worst blogger in the world

Last year I decided to implement some 30 day projects, along with veganism (which lasted 6 months), taking a photograph every day, writing/recording an album in a month I tried to blog for 30 days during October. Surprisingly I managed them all.

The idea is that 30 days is about the time it takes to change an existing habit or start a new one. Some things stuck, some things only lasted 30 days and some went on for ages (veganism). It was a great way to plot mark out a year that all too often can fly by unnoticed. I can remember where I was and what I was doing in a particular period of time. Good stuffs.

Blogging as a project that kind of fell by the way side aver the 30 days. Partly out of running out of things to stay and partly that I was diagnose with acute tendinitis in both hands and wrists. The doctor signed me off from typing and I was unable to play bass. Not a good thing. I have blogged a little since then and commented on other people’s blogs. But as for this blog it’s been largely ignored.

Time change that, maybe not 30 days of blogging, just a little more regularly than I was. Let’s see……..


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