30 day project, what next?

In a previous blog I wrote about my 30 day projects for this year and what I have been up to. As my 30 days of blogging draws to a close it will be interesting to see if I still continue next month. As 30 days is about the length of time it takes to form or change a habit I hope so.

So what next? Well I think I may start a Blipfoto account and try an take at least one photo and post it there every day. I find photography fascinating, but have not spent much time working on taking better pictures. I’ve taken some good ones and some rubbish ones. But I would like to understand more of the theory behind a well composed and technically good image. Hopefully a 30 day photography project will facilitate this.

As well as the whole photography thing I’m also considering writing a new piece of music every day. Not a complete track, more of a sketch book of pretty little ditties that I would post over on my Posterous site. As I have said previously I wrote and recorded an album of material in February this year for the RPM Challenge and this was a breath of fresh air to my musicality after several years mainly being involved in other peoples projects. So I would like to make more of my own music, not for any other reason than to do it and because its fun. So these won’t be complete tracks, polished or honed to perfection. These will be doodles or sketches warts and all.

Here’s some thing that I’ve been listening to today:

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