Sustainable Cities: Britain’s top 10 green cities

The Sustainable Cities Index top green urban conurbation awards were announced this week. Great news for me is the city where I work, Leicester, was awarded second place. Narrowly beaten by Newcastle its promising for a developing city like Leicester. The index looks at quality of life and environmental awareness in Cities throughout Britain. Hull came last, this is attributed to high unemployment and poor business startups.

Even the local education establishments are involved in green issues; here;s Riversimple hydrogen fuel cell car designed at De Montfort Hall in Leicester:

Unfortunately the city where I live, Nottingham, suffered the biggest fall, dropping to 12th in the rankings, from the 8th place it held in 2009. Hopefully Nottingham can improve on this next year as personally I prefer it as a city and it has some great stuff going for it.

Britain’s top 20 green cities
1. Newcastle
2. Leicester
3. Brighton
4. Bristol
5. London
6. Leeds
7. Coventry
8. Plymouth
9. Edinburgh
10. Sheffield
11. Cardiff
12. Nottingham
13. Manchester
14. Liverpool
15. Birmingham
16. Sunderland
17. Derby
18. Bradford
19. Glasgow
20. Hull

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