Build a Team

At the day job I delivered a lecture to degree students on maintaing a sustainable career through understanding the music industries. The focus was on learners own small businesses and how they could adapt and react to market changes.

Musicians don’t always appreciate that they effectively run cottage industries. Guerrilla industries that need to remain highly mobile, tactile and adaptable. The greatest threats to creatives are obscurity, debt and the laconic behavior that can be endemic.

To become sustainable and successful as a digital entrepreneur the music maker needs to be as creative in their business as they are with their music.

The internet brings DIY tools and information put its directly in to the hands of the users that need it.

The internet levels the playing field with regards to manufacturing and distribution costs. It enables the DIY ethic for creatives. DIY means doing it together, not by your self. With no man being an island trying to cover all bases remains an impossible feat. However by building the right team of highly motivated, passionate individuals around you and using their skills it is possible to develop a strong business.

The internet and social media tools enable like minded people with complimentary skill sets to come together irrespective of geographic location. This can build a team with a large skills base and the determination and desire to succeed. And building the right team is something all creatives need to consider.

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