Time and tide

No new music and not much bass playing the last two weeks. The teaching and running several music courses plus other commitments have stopped me from getting to grips with my own music project.

I’m not complaining, but a few more hours in the day would be good. Time management is vital to all creatives. When you set down the path to a sustainable career in the creative industries you soon learn that your time is a valuable asset that is easily wasted.

In a lecture with one of my level 1 groups we discussed what there average week contained, from college to work including ‘chillaxing’ time. We then completed a seven day time table that started at 9am and finished at 9pm each day. Before completing their timetables some learners complained that they had too much on and didn’t have enough time to practice, however after the exercise they all identified parts of their week that was just lost with no explanation to why.

Its important to practice as a musician, its the only way you get better. This exercise demonstrated that finding an hour every day to practice is achievable in most students week. This kind of structure coupled to a practice regime or diary will enable students to learn quicker than the ones that just pick up their instrument as and when they aren’t working, eating, watching TV or on Facebook.

Leeds based band Hope and Social not only make great music, but also understand the relevance of contextualising their music:

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