Roland World Tour

So, back on the train after a wonderful curry (one of the best things about working at the end of the golden mile in Leicester is the ace food) I’m reflecting on another interesting day.

We are very lucky to host a number of master class/guest lectures at the college. These bring to industry professionals to our institution to speak to students and impart their wisdom to the next generation of music makers.

In the past we have hosted speakers like the excellent a very funny Martin Atkins (PiL, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Killing Joke), Gareth Jones (producer for Depeche Mode, Pet shop boys), Paul Farrer (Media composer, he did the music for the weakest link for example), Steve Lawson (solo bassist and web ninja), Laura Kidd (Tricky, Young Punx, She Makes War) and Andrew Dubber (New Music Strategist) to name a few. All of these people bring their own brand of music knowledge and business savvy.

Todays guests were the boys from the Roland World Tour. These musicians tour colleges, music shows and retail outlets demonstrating Roland and its associated companies equipment. The college is one of a handful of Roland Academies in the country. We are stocked with much of the companies catalogue.

Roland and their offshoot Boss are the kind of well built equipment that all music makers at all levels come in to contact with. The venerable TU2 tuner is found on the floors and rigs of guitarists, from local pub weekend warriors to stadium filling stars. Octave pedals that are found in the set ups of local teachers as well as the rigs of some of the busiest sessions players.
The Roland tour demonstrate the current line up of guitar, drums and keyboards throwing in a hefty dose of showmanship and flair to the proceedings. These events always appeal to students and they often come away singing the praises of the players and coveting the gear as well as the dazzling array of skills and techniques used by the demonstration team.
The excitement that this event can bring to the young non jaded audience is inspiring. We have great students that we select carefully, its good to see them excited by products that they dream of owning.

The Roland team are approachable and affable, always keen to talk shop and interact. Its great that Roland offer this event and that the college is willing to host it. It would be great to see some other manufacturers getting involved in the future too.

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