Just Do It

Ok so I stole the title for this blog from Nike, a company who I hate for how they operate.

Procrastination is the monkey on my back, its the demon that stops me achieving. My 30 day projects have seen me do things I’ve been meaning to do for ages, including blogging. What surprises many people is that I’m actually a perfectionist. If a jobs worth doing it better be spot on or whats the point?. As I grown older (or just grow up) I have less time to spend making sure things are perfect.

Previously blogging or any kind of writing involved me re-reading and editing to make my point as clear as I could. However this takes up too much time and the rest of the world are not really that bothered if I spell some thing incorrectly or my point isn’t that clear.

Its the same with music. If everything is not perfect and 100% right then I won’t let any one else hear it.

Quality control is all very well, but not at the cost of not doing something. So I’m going to stop. These blogs are my first attempt of creating something and then just letting go. I write them and publish them immediately. I don’t re-read and I don’t edit (much). This has enabled me to write and more importantly finish more blogs than I would have previously.

As for my 30 days of new tunes, its not started yet, day job, gigging and general admin work has got in the way. However I may take the same approach and post works in progress and just get on with it.

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