Remaining relevant in changing music industries

So further to my past blogs I’ve decided to blog for 30 days, so far its going well. Blogging is weird for me, writing is not some thing I’m particularly good at. However it is an amazing skill and one of many skills I need to develop. In my role at work I often use social media tools, in particular blogging as part of a digital strategy for music makers. If I’m not doing what I’m teaching I feel that I am no longer relevant. Not being relevant scares me. I didn’t get in to teaching to put my feet up and wait out the rest of my working life in a stable career. For me teaching is about motivating, supporting and enabling students to develop in to what they want to become. This is an exciting time in music, social change is forcing businesses to change and develop to meet customer demands. I want to give my learners the skill set to achieve in this changing economic and social landscape. For me to do that I need to remain relevant and connected to the changing music industries.

Here’s a track available from bandcamp by bass supremo Simon Little.

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