All things must end

Since we had our first child I have been what I like to call a ‘Sonic Mercenary’, or as my friends call it ‘Musical Whore’ playing for who ever will pay me, artistic integrity has been a distant secondary thought. Its been fun actually.

Gigs I would have turned down or not pursued pre children have lead to new friends and great experiences. I’m writing this following a phone call where I had to turn down lucrative tour in Romania due to previous commitments.

Being busy is good, turning work down feels wrong. Professional integrity is a fine line and often a juggling act. Several projects I have been involved with have run their course and this leaves me in an interesting position. Short term gain or the long game?

Short term gain would be the money that professional gigs bring in. The long game for me however brings artistic credibility and fulfillment. Food for my inner bass player, soul food. Some thing to leave when I’m gone.

I actually miss the days of four guys in a transit slogging round the country. A gang, standing together against the rest of the world. The reality of sleeping on floors and not washing or eating properly, wondering if there is enough fuel in the tank to get home is romanticized through rose tinted glasses and years of jaded corporate gigs.

The next few months looks to be an exciting voyage through my own creativity and music. As you would expect I’m looking forward to producing my own music again.

In the mean time I’m listening to the excellent Emily Baker (@emilybakermusic on twitter) while I write this:)

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