30 days of recordings

In my previous post I mentioned that earlier this year I had written and recorded an album in 30 days as part of the RPM Challenge. As a freelance bassist I get to play on many recordings, working with excellent and talented musicians, songwriters, producers and engineers. However, since we had children I’ve defiantly done more gigs for the money than the love. I appreciate how lucky I am to be able to make a living derived from music (playing, talking about, teaching) and have a wonderful supportive partner who facilitates my art. But I’ve wanted to record my own tunes just for me, they are not intended for anyone else to hear. The album I recorded provided me with the kind of soul food that made me feel warm inside. And now right when I’m far too busy to take anything else on I want to do it again. So 30 days of new tunes it is then!

I’ve sold all my studio gear over the years, partly because of having access to some of the finest recording and rehearsal facilities in the region where I work. Partly as children need space and our house is tiny.


As the project is only for 30 days I’ve borrowed some old gear and I’m going to build a make shift set up in a corner of the house. Running Logic 9 on a Macbook pro is about as sophisticated as this recording set up gets. This is proper Guerrilla Recording. I’m really excited to get back to recording my own stuff again. I’ve assembled my gear just in time for my busiest weekend this month (and its only the 1st) where I have several gigs and am attending the excellent Unconvention grass roots music conference in Salford. It will be amazing to get anything done this weekend. But just getting the gear working will be great!

I hope to post some of my works in progress, but I’ll see how I feel about them. The last album is an intensely private landscape that documents a period of time in my life. I’m hoping this one will be the same, we will see.


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