Busy, busy, busy…….no idle hand here!

This weekend see’s me being busier than I had intended. My time is split between several gigs, Unconvention 12 in Salford (I have to miss the first day and I’m gutted) , business stuff and by far most importantly spending time with my lovely children.

Life as a freelance music maker is full of peaks and troughs. I often feel like every thing comes at once, much like busses! Its not unreasonable for me to play three gigs in two cities in one day and then the following weekend to kick my heels at home.

Thankfully I never double book myself (tempting fate saying that) and fully expect for tis to happen at some point. I wouldn’t swap the life I have chosen for any thing, but if possible extending the day by two hours and sliding in an extra week would be great.

This is Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo with there excellent Nostalgia song that was featured on the opening credits to the UK version of Wallander.

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