Boss Micro BR

I’m a big fan of any piece of technology that enables musicians to capture their ideas, to get the thoughts from inside their head to the outside. I find it helps me clear my head and focus on areas of my musicality. The Boss Micro BR is one of these units.

The Boss Micro BR is a fully featured 4 track recording machine around the size of a slightly large iPod. The unit contains not only a 4 track recorder (2 tracks simultaneously), but also drum loops, metronome, tuner and effects/amp models. Add to this a built in mic and MP3 trainer (for transcribing and learning new tracks).

You can run the  Micro BR from either a mains adaptor (optional) or two AA size batteries. I currently have 2gb SD card installed for storage, but the unit will support larger capacity cards. 

Quickly it has become part of my daily routine to use this neat little box in all areas of my music. From transcribing new tracks (the MP3 trainer), recording demos of new tracks and ideas, to capturing jams and new songs in progress with the built in mic.

I also use the drum machine/loop functions during bass lessons and the unit as a headphone amp for late night practice.

It’s surprising how quickly the Micro BR has been assimilated into my arsenal as a working musician, in fact I have it with me nearly all the time.


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